Virginia’s 24th Senate District

The Lynchpin For Conservative Control

The Republicans are going to lose the house of delegates due to the most recent gerrymandering of the legislative districts. This only leaves the Senate between a progressive Virginia and political sanity.

The reason why I think the 24th is so important is because we have a Senator that has been reelected to our district for well over a decade. A Senator who answers to big medical and not to his ordinary constituents. Of his top 15 donors 6 are associated with the medical community in some way and have contributed to his campaign to the tune of 220,000+ dollars. Is it any wonder that he voted for Medicaid expansion? Most of his campaign funding comes from large donations so who is he going to answer to, big corporations or the average citizen of the district?

This coming spring the 24th Senate district has the opportunity to change all this by voting Emmett Hanger out on June 11th when the Republican Primary takes place. There is one candidate Tina Freitas who if elected will represent the people and not big corporations. She is a strong Constitutional Conservative and will be that lynchpin that prevents this state from going completely blue.

Virginia: Red No More?

I know it’s early in the year but we better start thinking about the Virginia state elections this coming fall. If you are a conservative, a libertarian, a gun owner or are for limited government and do not want your rights curtailed any more than they have been you better decide to become involved.