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Eliminate The Electoral College; Prepare For Civil War

I recently read an interesting opinion piece from the American Thinker written by William L. Gensert titled “America’s Second Civil War Has Already Begun”. This article was written several months ago but it is becoming more pertinent every day. I find this piece very depressing because there is little that l can disagree with in his assessment. I don’t believe that this civil war will happen tomorrow or next month or even next year, but I do believe that it is inevitable considering how divided our country has become. It may be in a decade or two, but it will happen.

There are many factors that are contributing to the great political divide in this country. There is abortion, gun control, racial tensions, sexual diversity, all of which the left is using to further divide this country. Of course, first and foremost is the 2016 presidential election that was “stolen” when the popular vote went to Hillary but President Trump won the electoral vote.

Ever since the election the progressives have been trying to do whatever they can to nullify it, first by claiming Russian collusion and with that failing trying to find some way to impeach the President. However next to the Russians the electoral college has become the other target of their obsession. With virtually every Democrat primary candidate obsessed with eliminating the electoral college we could be facing the straw that breaks the camels back when it comes to civil war.

In this article from Hillsdale College, “The Danger Of The Attacks On The Electoral College” the importance of this system is made clear. If for any reason this system of representation is changed it will mean that only the most populated areas of the country will have a say in who is our chief executive. Of course, the more populated areas tend to be the most progressive and with the Executive Branch continuously gaining more power with each election this will have a dire effect on the rural areas who tend to be more conservative.

I do foresee the electoral college eventually going the way of the dinosaur because most Americans are illiterate when it comes to civics and our Constitution. Our education system no longer places importance on the ideals that made this country great but places the emphasis on how horrible our founders were. Has this country made mistakes, of course it has, but show me one country that has done more for the benefit of the people on this planet? You can’t because there is not one. Unfortunately, within a short period of time the United States as we know it will come to a brutal and chaotic end.

If the progressives with their love of socialism become even more powerful, we can look forward to being the North American equivalent of Venezuela with the exception that most gun owing Americans will not give up their weapons. That is when things will get very messy.

Game Of Thrones

A Great Example of What Becomes of a Benevolent Dictator

What people want.
What people get.

In the second to last episode of Game of Thrones we saw what a benevolent dictator can become. People are raising hell about how the writers turned the beloved Daenerys Targaryen into a monster willing to kill thousands of innocents to gain her throne. These people were obviously not paying attention to the previous episodes in which she was slowly turning away from the benevolent Queen who wanted to free the people from tyranny and into someone so focused on gaining power that she would do anything to achieve her goal.

Unfortunately, this is a pretty accurate reflection of what happens in real life. How many times throughout the past have we seen this happen? We can look back through history at revolutions that were brought about to end oppression but ended up in a different form of tyranny. We have Lenin’s Russian Revolution, Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Castro’s Cuban Revolution and so many more. These leaders were going to make the world a better place for their citizens but just the opposite happened. Millions of innocents have died over the last century and a half as a result of people following a charismatic leader that promised them a better world.

In a previous post Our Republic Is Dying of Cancer, I address the issue of politicians that enjoy the benefits of office as well as the power. We may not have one tyrannical despot ruling our country, but we are facing the issue of a soft tyranny that at every turn is taking away our God given rights. We have not one dictator, but we do have hundreds, these are the elected officials and non-elected bureaucrats that want to dictate every aspect of our life. Unless something is done the future of our Republic is in serious jeopardy.

The only way to a better world is for individuals to work together to make change and not to rely on one person or group to make that happen. Because of human nature the more power a person acquires the more susceptible to corruption they become. There is much truth in the adage “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Note: I cannot stress enough how important it is for we the people to wrest power from our corrupt representatives and the only no-violent way is to institute a Convention of States.

Our Republic Is Dying Of Cancer

Our Constitutional Republic is in greater danger than it has ever been before. We have a Congress and Senate that is addicted to power and will never be willing to give it up. Therefore we must take this power from them and the only non-violent way to do so is a Convention of States. A Convention will allow us to make the necessary amendments to the Constitution that our country needs. We can set term limits for both houses as well as the courts, add a balanced budget Amendment and return more power to the states where it belongs.

When the Constitution was first written the founders never foresaw a group of representatives that would refuse to go home once elected. They believed that a patriot would sacrifice some of their time to become a representative for their friends and neighbors. After a short period, they would return home to their farms and businesses and let someone else make that sacrifice. Unfortunately, that sacrifice has turned into a very lucrative job for our present-day politicians, a career that few want to give up. To see how profitable these positions have become just look at a politician’s net worth prior to entering Congress and after a decade, is it any wonder why these positions have become so difficult to give up?

 I admit for some it is not just about the money but also about power. With many of our current crop of representatives, it is about being able to control every aspect of our lives. That is why we have so many presidential candidates as well as newly elected representatives pushing the socialist agenda. Power and money are what politics at the Federal level has become. Over the decades the Federal Government has become ever more controlling, infecting every area of our daily lives. This too will continue to worsen unless the citizens decide to put a stop to this continuous lust for power. Our politicians have become a cancer that is slowly eating away at the heart of our Republic.

Since these so called representatives will never give up power or the lucrative pay checks it is up to the people to push at the state level for a convention. The left fears the idea of a Convention of States for the simple fact that it may be the one way to get our federal government under control and wrest the authority from their hands and give it back to the people. Time is short, we are quickly losing our younger generation to the left, they have co-opted our local schools and have gained a major foothold in the colleges and universities. We have no time to lose, visit Convention of States to see how you can affect changes within your home state and eventually our country. A properly run Convention of States will allow us to cut out the cancer that is corrupting this country.

Political Violence Now Promoted By MSM

Could it be because of this ….

we have this?

The video above is an excerpt from the CBS show The Good Fight titled “The One Were A Nazi Gets Punched”. This episode appears to rationalizes that some speech and ideas are so intolerable that it is okay to get physically violent with those promoting them. Wrong as this concept is it is getting taken to extremes, to the point that if people find what you are wearing offense it is okay to assault you. In the case above a priest in Washington State is assaulted for wearing his religious garments. After being asked “how’s Trump” he is then punched. More about that here.

Anyone who has spent any time on social media sites have invariably seen videos of people being attacked verbally and physically for just wearing pro-Trump paraphernalia. The Progressives do not seem to have a problem with incidents like these but when one of theirs is criticized they equate it to acts of violence. For instance when Rep. Ilhan Omar (D. Minn.) was called out on her statement concerning 9/11 she whined about the criticism she received. Unfortunately this criticism incited some people to make threats, threats that amounted to nothing but people blowing off steam. Of course the MSM acts like she was the only representative to ever receive threats while in office.

In most cases acts of political violence are coming from those on the left, the worst of which in recent times was the shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise. Unfortunately we have Representatives such as Democrat Maxine Waters encouraging people to “push back” on Trump officials seen in public. When we have officials making statements like this should we be surprised when violence erupts at political events or even in family restaurants?

No mater where the violence is coming from the left or the right we as a society need to bring our discourse back to a civilized level. People will always disagree but this should be limited to conversations and not altercations. Until the people that are supposed to be representing us change their rhetoric this will not happen.

Here are a few examples of people over reacting to others wearing conservative attire:

Reparations Will Cause More Racial Disharmony

Most of the 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates have now switched from promoting the New Green Deal to talking about reparations. Sen. Cory Booker, one of the many candidates just introduced a bill in the senate that would study the possibility of reparations for the descendants of slaves. Booker stated, “this bill is a way of addressing head-on the persistence of racism, white supremacy, and implicit racial bias in our country. It will bring together the best minds to study the issue and propose solutions that will finally begin to right the economic scales of past harms and make sure we are a country where all dignity and humanity is affirmed.”

If a bill was passed that would take tax payer money and redistribute it to descendants of slaves, that bill would create more problems than it would ever solve. There are so many people living in this country whose families had nothing to do with slavery a century and a half ago that would resent having their taxes used for something like this. My relatives on both my mother and father’s side came to this country in the late 1800’s and I would oppose having my hard earned dollars going to someone who may or may not have had relatives that were slaves 150 years ago. There is no argument that slavery was and still is a horrible institution but trying to correct wrongs that are centuries old will not improve race relations today.

I am convinced however that the Democrats are not really serious about passing any kind of reparation legislation. They are doing what comes naturally to them, pandering to their constituents. When it comes to minorities they promise and pander but never deliver. Yet somehow these groups continue to support the Democrat Party even though through the years have shown that they are no better off.

Alexandria Ortega-Cortez Brings Pandering To A New Level

AOC Panders to Black Audience

How can people of color not be insulted by some one who panders to them in such an obvious manner? This young woman who graduated cum laude from Boston University with a degree in International Relations and economics has never sounded like this before. She was born in Bronx New York not in Atlanta Georgia.

I was born in upstate New York and did not move to Virginia until my late 20’s and have been living here ever since. I would never consider insulting my native Virginia neighbors by trying to adopt a southern accent. I have to much respect for their culture, but again I am not a pandering politician. This once again proves that people like Alexandria Ortega-Cortez will do anything to promote their agenda. Anything that is except speak the truth.

Speaking of the truth here is a video that was put together by Lets Be Frank in response to AOC whining on twitter about peoples reaction to her fake southern accent.

Another Potential Gun Grabbing State Legislator

How do you know when a Democrat is Lying? Their lips are moving.

In this interview with Mavis Taintor, a Democrat who is running against pro-gun Delegate Dave LaRock in Virginia’s House of Delegates District 33 we see another potential gun grabbing politician. If elected this woman will go after all our gun rights, she would eliminate open carry, make it more difficult to get a concealed carry permit and bring back the one gun a month handgun law among a host of other restrictions that she wants to place on our 2nd Amendment rights.

Fast forward to 11:40 where she starts talking about her ideas on gun legislation. At the 12:45 mark she states that Virginia supplies 2/3 of the illegal handguns confiscated in New York. In truth according to a report by the Office of the NY Attorney General only 15% of the illegal handguns are brought in from Virginia. This is a long way from 66%. Once again we have a politician who is not afraid to lie to the people to help promote her agenda. If she lies about one part of her platform how can you trust anything else she says?

I have to state again how important this falls elections are when it comes to securing our God given rights. I know people say this all the time but this could truly be one of the most important elections in our state history,


A swat team invaded a private home under the pretext of rescuing an endangered toddler. This child who previously had a high fever was taken to a doctor by his parents, the doctor had recommended that the patient be taken to the emergency room. The parents decided not to follow the doctor’s suggestion after the fever broke. Upon finding this out the doctor contacted the Arizona child services who then contacted the police.

 After police were refused entrance to the home by the child’s father they returned with a warrant and guns drawn to remove the child from the parent’s custody along with his other 3 siblings. Here is a short video which shows the swat team in action.

From the looks of this scene you would be led to think this was a raid on a violent criminal not on a home of an average family whose only concern is the welfare of their children. Scenes like this have been happening to often in America and people need to be more aware of how our freedoms are being eroded by our government both local and federal. Here is a link to an interesting book by John Whitehead; A Government of Wolves The Emerging American Police State. Mr. Whitehead is the president of the Rutherford Institute a prominent organization that works to protect our civil liberties.

Here is a link to a slightly more in depth report on this story,