Northam Proves Himself A True Jackass

I really do not like calling people names but after reading Gov. Northam’s statement late Monday regarding the VCDL rally in Richmond Monday I can’t help myself, a statement in which he takes credit for the peaceful rally that occurred earlier that day. His hubris has no limits.

This man spends weeks warning people about credible information concerning possible violence in Richmond and goes so far as to declare a state of emergency so he can ban weapons from capitol grounds. He then brings in the FBI, Richmond Police, State Police and of course the Capitol Police to further intimidate the people. The intimidation goes so far that they placed snipers on the roof of the capitol building. He has a perimeter set up around the buildings to further restrict the people with a gun free zone, a zone that tens of thousands of people refused to enter because they were not willing to give up their arms.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League has been having this rally on lobby day every year for the last 26 years without ever having a problem and this year was no different. Yes, the gathering was considerably larger because the controlling Democrat Party wants to obliterate our 2nd Amendment rights but whether a few hundred or tens of thousands, law abiding citizens are law abiding citizens. I would be willing to guess that majority of the people gathered had concealed carry permits and were therefore better vetted than the bureaucrats that represent them. As a matter of fact, I believe that there are several state representatives that would be unable to pass a background check due to their involvement with our legal system.

Despite the above facts our esteemed Governor would like to take credit for a peaceful gathering. The reality is that these people were not intimidated by the Governor’s show of “power” but behaved in the way that they always do. Progressives are so used to violence from groups like Antifa, BLM and White Nationalist that they have come to expect the same from everyone because they do not understand true Constitutional Conservatives.  We want to have our voices heard, not through violence but through peaceful protest and the ballot box.  

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