Greene County BOS Ignores “We The People”

The problem with our so-called representatives is that they think that they are so much smarter than the people they are supposed to represent. For some reason once these people get elected to a position, they seem to believe that their IQ is automatically increased. What really happens is that in many cases it is their common sense that changes, their narcissistic tendencies push out whatever common sense they had and takes over all their decision making. There is much truth in the statement that power corrupts, we see it continuously in our local, state and federal government.

Last night at the Greene County Board of Supervisors meeting several hundred local citizens showed up to express their support for a 2nd Amendment sanctuary resolution. Our county sheriff was there to lend his support to our right to bear arms as guaranteed by the U.S. and Virginia Constitutions.  Of course, as expected our local board ignored the wishes of the citizens. The gathering of close to 300 people had little to no effect on our representatives. One of them even had the audacity to claim that not all these people were from Greene, a manufactured excuse for ignoring the wishes of the crowd.

I am so tired of seeing these people sitting behind the dais with their smug looks acting like they are dealing with a bunch of spoiled children. Our supervisors do not want to represent the people, this group of narcissists who think that they are so much wiser than the people they represent, once again chose to ignore those who voted them into office.

I must remind all citizens to be proactive in all areas of government; local, state and federal if they want to stop the abuse of power. We are all busy but unless we take time out of our hectic schedules, we will find that control of our lives will be given to those who care more about power than “we the people”. Freedom is precious and once lost it will be very difficult to regain.

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