Our Republic Is Dying Of Cancer

Our Constitutional Republic is in greater danger than it has ever been before. We have a Congress and Senate that is addicted to power and will never be willing to give it up. Therefore we must take this power from them and the only non-violent way to do so is a Convention of States. A Convention will allow us to make the necessary amendments to the Constitution that our country needs. We can set term limits for both houses as well as the courts, add a balanced budget Amendment and return more power to the states where it belongs.

When the Constitution was first written the founders never foresaw a group of representatives that would refuse to go home once elected. They believed that a patriot would sacrifice some of their time to become a representative for their friends and neighbors. After a short period, they would return home to their farms and businesses and let someone else make that sacrifice. Unfortunately, that sacrifice has turned into a very lucrative job for our present-day politicians, a career that few want to give up. To see how profitable these positions have become just look at a politician’s net worth prior to entering Congress and after a decade, is it any wonder why these positions have become so difficult to give up?

 I admit for some it is not just about the money but also about power. With many of our current crop of representatives, it is about being able to control every aspect of our lives. That is why we have so many presidential candidates as well as newly elected representatives pushing the socialist agenda. Power and money are what politics at the Federal level has become. Over the decades the Federal Government has become ever more controlling, infecting every area of our daily lives. This too will continue to worsen unless the citizens decide to put a stop to this continuous lust for power. Our politicians have become a cancer that is slowly eating away at the heart of our Republic.

Since these so called representatives will never give up power or the lucrative pay checks it is up to the people to push at the state level for a convention. The left fears the idea of a Convention of States for the simple fact that it may be the one way to get our federal government under control and wrest the authority from their hands and give it back to the people. Time is short, we are quickly losing our younger generation to the left, they have co-opted our local schools and have gained a major foothold in the colleges and universities. We have no time to lose, visit Convention of States to see how you can affect changes within your home state and eventually our country. A properly run Convention of States will allow us to cut out the cancer that is corrupting this country.

3 thoughts on “Our Republic Is Dying Of Cancer”

  1. I agree with much of what you said here. I would be very cautious however about opening up the Constitution in this current political climate. There are many on the left also calling for a convention of the states. It could also be the quickest/easiest way for them to achieve their goals. The issues you discuss are very real and frustrating, but is people won’t vote out these cronies, and we can’t even get enough support to force necessary amendments using the current mechanisms that the Constitution provides, then I see no way to have a successful convention. Maybe an easier and faster way is to break it down piece by piece at the state level and call for amendments one at a time, such as balanced budgets, etc. It would be easier to get agreement on one issue rather than many at a time. I certainly don’t have all the answers and time is truly running short. My only focus right now is getting Donald Trump re-elected so that we have the opportunity to continue to discuss these things. If the Socialists get control in 2020, our Republic is truly lost! Thank you for your articles and efforts my fellow Virginian! -Crash

    1. The group Convention of States is trying to do just that, bring forth a few amendments that will bring in term limits and a balanced budget amendment. My understanding is that to call the convention it not only takes 2/3’s of the states but those states have to agree on what amendments can be purposed. If states vote on different agendas the convention cannot be called. I am also concerned about the coming 2020 election and will work to keep the progressives from gaining any more power. Keep up the good fight.

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