Political Violence Now Promoted By MSM

Could it be because of this ….

we have this?

The video above is an excerpt from the CBS show The Good Fight titled “The One Were A Nazi Gets Punched”. This episode appears to rationalizes that some speech and ideas are so intolerable that it is okay to get physically violent with those promoting them. Wrong as this concept is it is getting taken to extremes, to the point that if people find what you are wearing offense it is okay to assault you. In the case above a priest in Washington State is assaulted for wearing his religious garments. After being asked “how’s Trump” he is then punched. More about that here.

Anyone who has spent any time on social media sites have invariably seen videos of people being attacked verbally and physically for just wearing pro-Trump paraphernalia. The Progressives do not seem to have a problem with incidents like these but when one of theirs is criticized they equate it to acts of violence. For instance when Rep. Ilhan Omar (D. Minn.) was called out on her statement concerning 9/11 she whined about the criticism she received. Unfortunately this criticism incited some people to make threats, threats that amounted to nothing but people blowing off steam. Of course the MSM acts like she was the only representative to ever receive threats while in office.

In most cases acts of political violence are coming from those on the left, the worst of which in recent times was the shooting of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise. Unfortunately we have Representatives such as Democrat Maxine Waters encouraging people to “push back” on Trump officials seen in public. When we have officials making statements like this should we be surprised when violence erupts at political events or even in family restaurants?

No mater where the violence is coming from the left or the right we as a society need to bring our discourse back to a civilized level. People will always disagree but this should be limited to conversations and not altercations. Until the people that are supposed to be representing us change their rhetoric this will not happen.

Here are a few examples of people over reacting to others wearing conservative attire:

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