Deception, Fear And Loathing In DC

The video above shows the depths the left will sink to when it comes to smearing others in order to promote their agenda. They continuously take statements out of context to make their arguments valid. They not only do this with speech but will manipulate data for the same purpose. Yes I am talking about Climate Change but that is for another post.

In looking up this video I did a simple search on Youtube and came across dozens of videos that referenced this particular hearing some that fairly portrayed the actual event and others that did not. Here are the titles of several of the left’s videos bashing Candice Owens: Ted Lieu Absolutely Wrecks Candace Owens With Her Own Words”… Ring of Fire,Candace Owens’ Hitler Comments Come Back To Haunt Her In Front Of Congress”..The Young Turks , “Ted Lieu Exposes Candace Owens Using Her Own Words”…Rational National and last but not least, “TFW Candace Owens Listens to Her Own Hitler Remarks”… Mother Earth. What struck me as ironic was the use of edits by these Youtuber’s to attack a conservative and protect a leftist politician who uses deceptive edits to push his agenda. Talk about birds of a feather.

Even though I loved Ms Owens response the real highlight of the video was the Chairman of the Committee. Nadler was obviously not paying any attention to what was going on when he accused her of calling Liu stupid. I had to laugh at the expression on his face when Owens called him on it. I guess this can explain how our government gets some of it’s legislation through, these clowns just don’t pay attention.

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