Virginia Legislators: Bigger Government is Good Government

After this fall’s election the state of Virginia could very well continue its slide into the Blue if the Republicans lose any more seats in the House of Delegates or State Senate. Things have already gotten worse with all the bills that were past in 2018 that increased government regulation and oversight, with more Democrat control this will continue to head in that direction.

If you visit the American Conservative Union website, you will find a host of bills that were passed in the state by our legislature that further increases spending and regulation. These bills range from increased licensing fees, to tax credits for select businesses and Medicaid expansion. Virginia has to many legislators that seem to think that more government is good government.

I am always amazed at the number of bills that are passed by our legislature every year. It would seem after a while that we would have everything covered, but no, every year dozens of bills make their way to the Governor’s desk. The one thing I can say is that it is a good thing that our representatives are only in Richmond for a short time, otherwise think of the damage they could do if they were there for longer periods.

The citizens of Virginia need to stop this downward spiral of bigger government and higher taxes that our representatives continue to promote. I fail to understand how some people think that government is always the answer.  Ask just about anyone how they feel about their visits to the DMV, a government run institution, and they will complain about the excessive paper work, poor service and inconvenience. Yet these same people seem to think the state should be controlling our medical care as well as having control over every aspect of business and our personal rights.

If you look at the ACU rankings of our state legislators you will see that only six delegates and zero Senators on the Republican side received a 90% or higher grade, the highest democrat rating was 35%. On the Republican side Senator Emmett Hanger received the lowest ranking of all Republicans with a 61% well below the average of 76%, which I think should be closer to 90 . It is Republicans like Hanger that must go, and we have that chance this coming June when he is primaried by Tina Freitas who will bring conservatism back to the 24th Senate District.

It is the early primaries through out the state that will be key to how our fall elections turn out. Primary turn out is always low but that needs to change if we are to see real transformation in our legislature. Encourage your friends and neighbors to get out to vote and impress on them the necessity of limited government, and if they question you ask them about their last visit to the DMV.

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