Virginia’s 24th, June 11th, A Defining Moment

This coming June 11th will be the day when true conservatives will have a chance to change the direction our state is headed. On that day a Republican Primary will be held to determine who will run for the 24th District Senate seat.  We can stay with the same state senator who has sold out his party on numerous occasions or we can select someone to represent the district’s constituents and Republican Party.

Senator Hanger is the epitome of a Republican In Name Only, here is a quote taken from the Culpepper Democrats Facebook page posted on October 20, 1915.

“In the 24th State Senate Race, Republican, Emmett Hanger is running unopposed because Democrats came out in the republican primary to make sure he won the nomination. He votes 90% of the time as a Democrat would in that seat“.

Fortunately, we have a clear choice to make in June, stay with the RINO or place a vote for Tina Freitas a true Constitutional Conservative. Freitas will represent her constituents and not big corporate donors. She is pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment and a proponent of smaller government. Visit her website at and see what she stands for, and if you can, please donate to her campaign. Unlike her opponent she is not receiving contributions form big business and can use all the help we can give her.

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