Flooding in Nebraska ignored by msm

Nebraska has had some of the worst flooding ever and yet the MSM is barely covering the disaster. They are more interested in trying to dig up dirt on our President and will ignore much more important events happening in certain areas of the country. Of course if this had happened in California or the NYC area instead of fly-over country the press would be all over this. I am willing to bet that if you were to go to any area populated by university students and asked them what they thought about what’s happening in Nebraska you would get a blank look from the majority of them.

Not only is this a horrible situation for the citizens of the state of Nebraska it will affect the entire country over the coming year. With the states agriculture being hit with almost a billion dollars in losses I am sure we can expect to see a spike in beef, dairy and other staples over the coming months. Then add in the tremendous damage done to the states infrastructure and businesses along with private property loses the country will see the effects of this disaster for a while, and the state I am sure will take years to recover. If the MSM had any morals at all this would be on the news every day so people can become aware of what the Nebraskans are facing an maybe send some help their way. When disasters help in other parts of the world the American people are their to help. But we cannot help if we are not aware of the problem.

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