Are red flag laws much different than swatting

In 2017 a Kansas man was inadvertently killed by police when a hoax 911 call was placed. The caller who was from California called in a bogus report of a hostage situation in Wichita Kansas which ended up in the death of an unarmed man.

Red Flag Laws are being implemented in many states and the Federal Government is also supporting and encouraging this violation of our 2nd Amendment rights. These laws can allow for relatives and neighbors to report to the authorities individuals who they believe could do harm to themselves or others. With out any due process police have and do appear at peoples homes to confiscate a persons lawfully owned firearms.

The reason I am comparing this to swatting is that anyone who has an issue with a relative or neighbor can contact the authorities to report them as dangerous. Because of the lack of due process the person reported does not know he is being targeted until the swat team is breaking down his front door. I can foresee this law being used to get back at someone who has pissed you off, thus no different than swatting.

As I have said in a previous post on this subject, the state does not remove a persons drivers license because he is an alcoholic. They wait until he has broken the law. So why should citizens who lawfully own firearms not have the same right?

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