A swat team invaded a private home under the pretext of rescuing an endangered toddler. This child who previously had a high fever was taken to a doctor by his parents, the doctor had recommended that the patient be taken to the emergency room. The parents decided not to follow the doctor’s suggestion after the fever broke. Upon finding this out the doctor contacted the Arizona child services who then contacted the police.

 After police were refused entrance to the home by the child’s father they returned with a warrant and guns drawn to remove the child from the parent’s custody along with his other 3 siblings. Here is a short video which shows the swat team in action.

From the looks of this scene you would be led to think this was a raid on a violent criminal not on a home of an average family whose only concern is the welfare of their children. Scenes like this have been happening to often in America and people need to be more aware of how our freedoms are being eroded by our government both local and federal. Here is a link to an interesting book by John Whitehead; A Government of Wolves The Emerging American Police State. Mr. Whitehead is the president of the Rutherford Institute a prominent organization that works to protect our civil liberties.

Here is a link to a slightly more in depth report on this story,

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