Red Flag Laws are Dangerous for our liberty

Red Flag laws have been passed in numerous states and now the Federal government wants to get involved. Washington is encouraging more states to pass Red Flag laws also known as Gun Violence Restraining Orders and Extreme Risk Protection Orders. These laws are meant to prevent someone from hurting themselves or others. The problem is that these laws focus on an inanimate object and do nothing for the person targeted. This is in essence a gun confiscation law that violates an individuals Constitutional Rights.

The major question that needs to be asked is if a person is to dangerous or sick to have access to a gun then why are they not being dealt with in another way? Shouldn’t they be getting some help or possibly being confined if they are that dangerous? We don’t see the states passing laws that revoke the driver’s licenses from alcoholics. Yet more people are killed every year by drunk drivers than by guns. These laws are just another way to get guns out of the hands of the citizens without due process.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League has a great flyer that can help you educate others as to why these laws are seriously flawed. “Don’t Be Fooled: Red Flag Laws Are Dangerous to Our Liberty”. Read it and pass it on to others.

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