Virginia: Red No More?

As we have seen over the last few years this state has been turning bluer every election. Republicans have a very slim majority in both houses and of course do not have any representation in the executive branch. Unless something is done there is a very good possibility of losing the Republican majority in both houses. We have seen what has happened in the past, Medicare expansion was passed thanks in part to the RINO Emmett Hanger, this past session there were about a half dozen gun control bills that came close to making it out of committee. These are bills that would make no one safer but would curtail our God given Constitutional right to protect ourselves and families. We all know how the progressives feel about our Constitution. If the Republican Party loses the majority this fall I can guarantee you that these bills and others like them will be passed next session.

Not only will our rights be restrained but we will see our taxes increase as state spending skyrockets. For anyone who loves freedom and therefor limited government this could be one of the most important election cycles in our lifetime. You need to get involved, if you have a representative that does not adhere to conservative values work to get him out of Richmond. Whether he is a Republican or Democrat they have to go, we need to change the course our state is heading. If we don’t do this we might as well be living in NY, NJ or CA. Because of the recent gerrymandering of the districts by the Democrats we can almost be assured of losing the House of Delegates this fall. This makes it so important that we replace RINO’s like Mr. Hanger and in the 24thSenate District we have that opportunity this coming June 11th when he will be facing Tina Freitas in the Republican Primary. Tina is a true conservative and would be an outstanding Senator.

Coming in later posts I will address Senator Hanger’s atrocious voting record over the past decade and show who he really answers to. You can be sure he is not representing his constituents because he is bought and paid for by big business.

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